Your first-night project

This contest is an integral part of the whole evaluation process of the projects and artists participating in FAMA 2012. It refers to interdisciplinary projects which involve artists representing various fields of art whose cooperation results in an ambitious, original artistic effect. It is aimed at young artists representing different forms of artistic expression.

If You have an interesting idea to realize ANY artistic presentation and feel like meeting young artists from all over the world and competing in one of FAMA’s contests do not hesitate to learn more about FAMA 2012 from our website and send us Your application. It is important to keep Your project an interdisciplinary event, combining many different forms of artistic expression.

The contest consists of two stages: qualifications based on the submitted materials and presentations during the Festival.

Participant who wishes to take part in stage 1 of the Contest is obliged to fill in the Application Form. The completed application form should be mailed to the following address e-mail:

31.05.2012 is the deadline for all applications!

The applications will be evaluated by the organizer, who will choose projects that will be qualified for stage 2 of the Neptune’s Trident Contest. The results of stage 1 qualification process will be officially publicized no later than 18.06.2012.

The award is 6000 PLN gross.

Regulations of the Neptune_s Trident Contest
Neptune_s Trident Contest – Application Form